I've never been to Nebraska,
but I caught wind of Omaha.
Until I see farms in Nebraska,
I'll just go to its mall.

Nebraska Furniture Mart!
Complete furnishings for the heart.
Through its vast terrain I roam.
"They make me feel right at home."
All the treasures that I need.
Thanks to Mrs. B and Louie.
They "sell cheap and tell the truth" at NFM!

Mrs. B was a mighty fine lady.
Quality she knew it well.
A rose growing up, through the gardens of time.
She valued truth over the sale.

Nebraska Furniture Mart!
Oh, it's where my day will start...
They have furniture and more!
T.V., video, and home decor...
Flooring, computers, and fitness.
Mattresses and electronics!
They have appliances and toys at NFM!

When we wind the watch back to 1937.
To the basement of her husband Isadore's pawn.
Mrs. B fought hard to get her first store: up, out, and off the ground!
Her grit and grin carried her on.

Nebraska Furniture Mart!
For Mrs. B it was a fine art.
She became a true American, who immigrated from Russia, her homeland.
And she worked hard every day.
Paid all her debt out of the way.
Couldn't read or write, but she clearly spelled out NFM!

Warren Buffet was a satisfied customer.
Owner of Berkshire Hathaway.
In 1983, through a handshake deal with Mrs. B.
He bought her "Mart" on his birthday!

Nebraska Furniture Mart!
Was a dear place Mrs. B couldn't part.
She worked there until she was 103,
helping shoppers, zipping by on her cart.
She was no stranger to 12 hour days.
Didn't believe in taking vaca's!
She set the standard and held down the fort at NFM!

Nebraska Furniture Marts are now here and there throughout the nation.
"Their customers built this business, to them goes their sincere appreciation!"
I am just a city slickin' country bumpkin, honoring through song, the family of Blumkins.
For their passion to persevere at NFM!